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Danielle Jiskoot studied Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. After a career of a few years in the corporate work environment, she found out that it is difficult to be yourself in the business world and she started a business on her own. Her mission became to create a safe environment at work and in society to be yourself, for everyone.

She is the co-founder of The Diverse Agency, founder of Queer at Work, ambassador of Corporate Queer, board member of the Unheard Foundation, an experienced commercial heavyweight and, above all, a champion of everyone's right to be themselves. Energetic, motivating, involved and humorous - as a speaker, moderator or moderator, she pulls the audience into an unforgettable day.

She has spoken at numerous events and podcasts, and is a sought-after inclusion consultant who wants to make people feel better about themselves. Everyone deserves to feel at home wherever they are.

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